Quality Weed Tees

Smokers Only is a homegrown producer of quality weed tees, snapbacks and other cool stoner clothing. We focus on excellent customer service, by providing fresh new merchandise that is made with high quality standards in mind. Our stoner apparel designs are heavily influenced by humor, music, smoking, and street fashion. Our clothing brand offers a fresh new flavorful blend of the latest cannabis related designs by our very own in-house designer and co-owner, Solomon Reese. If you want great looking weed apparel to rep your culture and look fly, then Smokers Only are the go to stonerwear brand.

Why Customers Continually Choose Smokers Only

Our customers continue to choose us as their go to streetwear clothing brand of choice because they know we combine original cannabis related graphic designs with the latest fashion trends, to deliver the freshest apparel, being most appealing to every stoner, artist/musician, skater, and the every day smoker worldwide. We have numerous weed tees currently in stock, so your choices will not be limited. From our Cunts & Blunts tee design, to our Corner Stoned tank top or many of the other Smokers Only 420 related designs, the possibilities are endless. Customers will always have a great variety to purchase from when they visit our site, as the merchandise is always fresh and relevant.

Some of Our Bestselling Weed Tees

  • Cunts & Blunts Tee
  • Veteran Smoker Tee
  • LIT Tee
  • Schoolboy Qwazy Tee
  • Nail Burner Tee
  • Good Good Tee
  • High As Fuck! Tee
  • Mary Knows Tee
  • Super High Tee
  • Bluntman The Superhuster pt.2 Tee
  • Lit N the Hood Tee
  • 420 Tee
  • High Til I Die Tee

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Contact us today to order one of our many great weed tee designs, snapbacks, or other stoner goodies. You may also contact us to get more information about other products that we offer. We will be pleased to provide any assistance that you may need. Be bold, original, and hip by purchasing a cool tee today. We are not just a brand... we are a lifestyle!